Have you spotted Flyspray in the wild? Does your company or project use Flyspray? You can send a note to the Mailing List including your project or company name, Flyspray URL (if public), homepage, and a nice testimonial if you are in the mood and we’ll have it added to the list.

Here are just a few:

Why ConLite uses Flyspray: Flyspray is easy to install and easy to use. Also Flyspray gives us all we need to handle bugs and tickets for our growing community. Every ConLite user may register to our instance of Flyspray to send us bugs or enhancements. Flyspray let us manage this request in an easy and effectiv way.

We have 4 installations of Flyspray in our company. One has a custom skin that is designed specifically for non-technical users. In this installation new task form has separate fields for entering steps, expected and actual result. This is all merged into standard task description. On our side we use standard Flyspray installation connected to the same database. This is used by our IT stuff to provide support for customers only. We call it Bibz.

Two other installations are used for our internal purposes. We use them to plan new versions and simply get things done. So both are used by programmers and PMs and the main is called Bugz. IT stuff copies tasks from the Bibz if they decide programmers need to work on it. We have an extra tool that assists copying tasks from Bibz to Bugz (pre-fills most form fields).

We also have ISO 9001 quality certificate. Auditors were quite impressed with Flyspray and very surprised when I said it was free. It would be much, much harder to get the certificate and re-certification if not for the Flyspray. It all makes quality assurance almost effortless.

  • Koalabs specializes in cross-platform applications and 3D adventure video games. We use Flyspray as our main bugtracker for our products.

These projects moved from a self hosted Flyspray to github (most around 2014), only keeping old tasks in their Flyspray install: