This information is valid only for Flyspray 1.0 or later


  • A computer to act as a server.
  • Web server software. We use Apache for testing, so this is the official supported. For nginx or others, look at htaccess.dist file and adapt the config for you web server.
  • The PHP version minimal 5.3.2, PHP 5.4 or later recommended.
  • PHP-GD library.
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL server. MYSQL 5.x and later and Postgresql 8.x or later are tested, older versions may or may not work, you are encouraged to report success or failures to or the mailing list.
  • The XML extension is required for Jabber (OpenSSL recommended) and required for setup and upgrades.
  • A working SMTP server to be used as a replacement of the PHP mail() function is highly recommended but not required.