This information is valid only for Flyspray 1.0 or later


  • Web server software. We use Apache for testing, so this is the official supported. For nginx or others, look at htaccess.dist file and adapt the config for your web server.
  • PHP 5.6 up to current PHP 8.3
  • PHP-GD library
  • MySQL (and compatible variations like MariaDB) or PostgreSQL server. MySQL 5.x (MySQL >5.5 recommended) and later and Postgresql 8.x or later are tested, older versions may or may not work, you are encouraged to report success or failures to or the mailing list.
  • The XML extension is required for Jabber (OpenSSL recommended) and required for setup and upgrades.
  • A working SMTP server to be used as a replacement of the PHP mail() function is highly recommended but not required.