Flyspray code style

Basically we use PSR-12 for new Code with following exceptions or added rules:


We use tabs instead of the 4 spaces for indenting.


  • Use only English for variable names.
  • Give variables a matching meaning, not too long, not too short.

  • camelCase functions for PHP (they are case insensitive, so nothing breaks, but prefered format)
  • lowercase new introduced variables for PHP (they are case sensitive!)


Use phpdoc syntax if you want document functions or classes.

HTML and Templates

input and label tags

Always put the label tag behind their input tag on the same level. Use the for-attribute to connect label with the input’s id attribute.


<input type="text" name="fieldname" id="fieldname" placeholder="placeholdertext"/>
<label for="fieldname">Field name</label>

This way the label can adapt to state and changes of the input element by pure CSS like :focus, :placeholder :required :invalid The real visual appearance on the page can be changed by CSS, so the the label might also appear before input if appropriate.

Do not wrap the input in the label!

Do not put the label before the input in the HTML templates!