Flyspray mailing list

We have a single mailing list, used for both developer communication as well as end-user support and requests. If you would like to contact the developers, or secretly listen-in to their discussions, we encourage you to sign up for the list. We will not send you any advertising or junk email, and you may unsubscribe at any time. Please note that you must use your subscribed address to send any email to the list, or it will be rejected.

Visit the Flyspray mailing list

Mailing List Etiquette

To ensure that we all get along without aggrevating each other senseless, please read the following guidelines. (These were mostly copied from the excellent TortoiseSVN website).

  • Read the faq and manual.
  • Answers go only to the mailing-list. If you don’t want to subscribe to the list, you can read the answers online.
  • Don’t email the development team directly unless you want to pay for support.
  • Answer below the quote.
  • Delete unnecessary text (signatures) in the quote.
  • No full quoting. Keep just enough of the original text so that others can see the questions you are answering.
  • If you want to change to a different topic, create a new thread. Don’t just answer another message and replace the subject.
  • Limited text length per line (e.g. max. 75 characters).
  • No html or rtf mails
  • No big (larger than 40kB) attachments. Screenshots are ok, but send them as jpeg’s or png’s. Don’t ever attach Microsoft Office formatted files, as not everyone uses Windows.
  • Don’t ask for mail receipts.
  • Don’t send “out-of-office” replies or other autoresponder messages to the list. We will unsubscribe you.
  • Don’t just hit ‘reply’ to DIGEST mails. Use a meaningful subject line for your email.
  • Before you ask questions on the mailing list, please have a look through the archives
  • If you are requesting a new feature or reporting a bug, take a look at our Flyspray BTS first to see if someone else got there before you.