This document describes how security incidents are handled since Flyspray 0.9.9.

Reporting and handling security problems.

  • Write a detailed report to and we will contact you privately.

  • We take security really serious and we will try our best to fix any security issues within the best timeframe we can if the security breach you report is serious.
  • All other type of issues considered ‘minor’ will be fixed in the next patch level release in conjunction with other bugs.
  • We will write an FSA (Flyspray Security Announcement) describing the vulnerability briefly after the release of a minor, patch level release. the FSA may contain source code patch against the previous release.
  • We will thank you for your report and give proper credits.

Flyspray 0.9.9

Things that are NOT security holes in Flyspray

PHP security holes, where the only real solution is to upgrade your PHP version to be protected.

Also, There are a few third party flyspray integrations that we are aware of :

  • Mambo/Joomla Flyspray
  • active-factory
  • A modified version included with EGroupware.

Please do not contact us about vulnerabilities in that products, unless the problem is present in officially supported Flyspray releases available in either the download section or in the active branches of our Git repository.

We have no control of the code included in that tools.