Installing Flyspray

This document describes the installation process for setting up Flyspray version When reading this guide and performing the following install steps, please go in order; Some of the later steps require that the previous steps have been completed, otherwise the installation will fail.

Preparing for install

  • Install PHP, MySQL or PostgreSQL, and a web server (like Apache). The latest versions of each should work nicely.
  • In the php.ini file, make sure that the extension php_mysqli.dll is uncommented. The tutorial neglects to include this step.
  • Grab the latest stable release * To use the development version follow installing from Github
  • Unpack the compressed package into a directory where your webserver can reach it.
  • Remove the file flyspray.conf.php
  • In the case that the database user you use for your Flyspray installation cannot create a database on its own, create a database for Flyspray to use.
# mysql -u root -p
  > CREATE DATABASE flyspray DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

If your MySQL version is below 5.5.3, utf-8 is only partially supported by MySQL server. (No 💩 emoji) Avoid this, only old mysql servers: CREATE DATABASE flyspray DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;

          TO flysprayuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword'; 
  > quit 
  # mysqladmin -u root -p reload

  • Or, create a PostgreSQL database for Flyspray to use:
su postgres;
createuser -SDRP flyspray;
createdb -E UNICODE -O flyspray flyspray;
  • Make sure the attachments/ , avatars/ , and cache/ directory is writeable by the webserver.


  • Point your browser to http://yourserver/flyspray/setup/ and follow along with Flyspray Setup.
  • When Setup completes, you will be automatically logged-in, and taken to your user profile where you can change details such as your Real Name.
  • A message will tell you to remove the directory http://yourserver/flyspray/setup/

If you would like to enable support for the local Task Dependency Graphs feature, an additional package must be installed to enable it. Most operating systems have a package available for the free Graphviz package, either in an OS-specific package or by download direct from the Graphviz site. After installing Graphviz, add the path to the dot executable to flyspray.conf.php.

After installation

  • Enable the reminder daemon if needed (for reminders, Jabber notifications and background sending of notifications (since 1.0) ), by setting reminder_daemon = 1 in flyspray.conf.php
  • Click the ‘Manage Project’ link to set up your project preferences, user groups and lists.
  • Close the sample task, and start adding your own, real tasks.
  • If you need help, read the manual, FAQ, and mailing list pages.
  • If you want to enable dokuwiki syntax, edit flyspray.conf.php. Change the operand of the syntax_plugin statement to dokuwiki.