Sometimes tasks are related to other tasks, but aren’t dependent upon them. You might like to add these relations purely for information. It might help the developer understand where his task fits into the whole project.

To get to the Related Tasks tab, simply click its heading in the tab group. Related tasks will be displayed, as well as a form to add a new related task. To add a new related task, you must be a group with permission to modify that task. Enter a task id into the text field, and click Add. Note that Flyspray does no sanity checking when you add a related task. You can add any task, including the one you are currently looking at (or even one that doesn’t exist!). Sometimes we just leave it up to the user to think about what they are doing.


In the Related Tasks tab there are currently also tasks listed who are duplicates of the current task.

Currently you can mark a task as duplicate of an other task only when closing this task. Select ‘Duplicate’ from the reason dropdown list and input the FS#ID of the task you want reference.